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Range Hood Cleaning

For reasons of health and safety, the cleaning of restaurant kitchen hoods is crucial. Grease may accumulate in the system and eventually start fires that can completely destroy a structure. In addition to preventing fires, kitchen hood cleaning may enhance air quality and stop equipment failure that would harm your company’s productivity because of the great consequences of grease buildup. The equipment in the entire kitchen may malfunction or cease operating altogether if you let the grease build up too much. Grease accumulation in the hood makes it work harder to remove smoke from the air and avoid overheating. The quality of the food may decline over time due to insufficient ventilation, and it may even hurt and irritate workers.

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At Washiners, we offer comprehensive range hood cleaning services to keep your kitchen exhaust system running efficiently and safely. Our pricing for range hood cleaning services varies depending on the size and complexity of your kitchen exhaust system, as well as the level of service required.

Our basic range hood cleaning package starts at $150 for a standard cleaning of a small kitchen exhaust system. This package includes cleaning of the range hood, filters, and exhaust fan. For larger or more complex kitchen exhaust systems, we offer our deluxe package starting at $250. This includes additional services such as cleaning of the ductwork and rooftop fan.

We also offer additional services such as inspection, maintenance, and repair for an additional fee. Our goal is to provide you with a customized range hood cleaning plan tailored to your specific needs.